Clean, maintain and seal matt paints and foils

Washing, cleaning, "polishing", maintaining & sealing matt surfaces

The world's first care series for matt paints and foils

Care, cleaning and sealing of matt surfaces with the Swissvax care series

Only the viewer's eyes should shine here - the matt varnish should remain matt!

The cleaning and care of a matt painted or foiled
Automobiles is the high school of car care. Conventional cleaning and care products have an abrasive effect and destroy the silky, matt surface. Classic polishes do not exist for matt paint, as these would make the matt surface shine.

Here Swissvax was able to offer the world's first and complete
Care series for matt paints and matt films guarantee that matt surfaces remain matt and at the same time maximum protection of the paint surface is achieved. The series includes all the necessary products for perfect matt paint care, from car shampoo for matt paintwork to pre-cleaner and special wax to detailing spray and spray ceramics for matt-painted vehicles.

Trust our know-how and Swissvax products so that your automobile will present itself the way you want it to – simply perfect.

Care of matt paint & foils - done right

Car Bath Opaque is our car shampoo for matt paint and
dispenses with both brighteners and shine enhancers
normal car shampoos are otherwise common. Highly efficient and therefore sparingly dissolved in the washing water and wash the vehicle from the roof down with the Washing Pudel Fine. Subsequent drying with the Micro-Dry drying cloth.

With the matt paint pre-cleaner Pre-Cleaner Opaque you get one
Deep cleaning performed in preparation for waxing. To do this, spray on the Pre-Cleaner Opaque and wipe with the Micro-Absorb pink.

Our wax "Opaque" is the perfect sealant for matt paints.
Once hardened after application, it offers protection against micro-scratches and prevents the matt paint surface from quickly becoming dirty. Apply the wax red with the hand puck or black with the sponge applicator and polish with the Micro-Fluffy. The individual body parts should be treated one after the other and in small areas (e.g. half the fender, half the door).

The Quick-Finish Opaque Detailing Spray in combination with the Micro-Polish blue is perfect for removing small irritations such as fingerprints. Spray on, wipe off - well-maintained surface.

Our Lotus Speed ​​was not only developed for shiny paintwork, it is also ideal for refreshing matt paintwork. The product is sprayed on and distributed evenly with the Micro-Fluffy and dried.