Porsche - A Passion for Power by René Staud


A first-class illustrated book for the big 75th anniversary of Porsche sports cars - The perfect combination: excellent studio photos by René Staud and historical photos from the Porsche archive - For true fans: Including comprehensive model chronology and Porsche's exciting company history - Cover printed on silver foil with an elegant glossy effect. Porsche, this car brand stands for power, precision and design. To mark the 75th anniversary of Porsche sports cars, photographer René Staud and Porsche expert Tobias Aichele present the impressive photo book “Porsche – A Passion for Power”. In vivid images, the two authors illuminate the Stuttgart car manufacturer's models along the timeline of the company's history. The coffee table book is structured chronologically, from the first Porsche Type 356 No. 1 to today's top model, the Taycan. The impressive photos were mainly taken in the studio of the famous automobile photographer René Staud. With his sophisticated lighting technology, the Magicflash®, he conjures up images that perfectly depict the design and shape of the vehicles. Hardly anyone knows the Porsche company as well as Tobias Aichele. And so it almost seems like an accolade that the author of the bestseller “Porsche 911 – Forever Young” and the award-winning book “Mythos Porsche” contributed his exciting content to this illustrated book. For die-hard sports car fans, Aichele has put together a comprehensive model chronology and lots of information about the sports car manufacturer's corporate history. “Porsche – A Passion for Power” lives up to the title of an all-round successful anniversary edition. And the elegant illustrated book is also visually reminiscent of the luxury sports car brand. The cover is printed on silver foil with an elegant glossy effect. This makes this high-quality photo illustrated book a great gift for all lovers and fans of the powerful Porsche sports car brand.

282 pages, format 27.5x34cm, languages: bilingual DE & EN